Happy Birthday, Neville Longbottom! (July 30)

On 30th July 1980 a pure-blood wizard Neville Longbottom son of Frank and Alice born few hours before Harry Potter. He might be part of Harry’s prophecy. Still Neville must prove himself to be a boy who could have done it too. His future might not be as perfect as everyone’s hope, nevertheless that makes him an authentic man.

Happy birthday Neville Longbottom the true Gryffindor hero !

Matt’s photos from twitter few months ago (World Snooker Championships - If I’m not mistaken) which unfortunately I don’t know their source. Anyone owns these pictures, please message me.


Matthew Lewis accepts the Best Fandom Forever award (via video) at the first annual MTVu Fandom Awards x


Matthew Lewis accepts Best Fandom Forever Award for Harry Potter at MTVu Fandom Awards 2014 x


Matthew Lewis accepts Best Fandom Forever Award at MTVu Fandom Awards 2014 x

Matthew Lewis at Diagon Alley opening red carpet 18th June 2014 in Orlando, Florida.

'The times we are living in, where people are desperate and holding on to the dream of winning the lottery as the only solution available. Sometimes lives were made more complicated, families were fractured and friends were lost. Some people felt it was a great sense of responsibility.’ (Kay Mellor)


Stills from Night of The Loving Dead which I found 

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Dan is amazing at dealing with it. People come up to him like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s so good to see you,’ and he is just like really happy that someone’s there and telling him they really like him.” - Dane DeHaan

Happy 25th Birthday Daniel Radcliffe!

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